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Puppy Packages

Thank you for your interest in our puppy. We are the largest pet store in Oklahoma and we are extremely proud of what we do. All of our puppies come from great breeders. We love matching puppies with their new families, and we know that your home is next for a Petland Puppy!

The Petland Puppy Value


  • A Free Vet Visit $60 Value!
  • Up-To-Date on Veterinarian Care (Seen by at least 2 and usually 3 different veterinarians) $180 Value!
  • Up-to-Date on Puppy Vaccinations (as of purchase date) $160 Value!
  • Daily Health Records While in Our Care $50 Value!
  • Puppy Binder $100 Value!
  • 20% off Spay or Neuter
  • Vet Services Discounts for Life $1,000
  • Lifetime Access to GoodDog!SM Helpline  $50 Value!
  • Microchipping for Lifetime Identification $60 Value!
  • 20% off a spay or neuter $60 Value
  • AKC ReuniteSM $120 Value!
  • AKC Program for Purebred and Mixed Breed Puppies $100 Value!
  • Pet Insurance Certificate through AKC Pet Partners Insurance $50 Value!
  • One Year Subscription to Family Dog Magazine $10 Value!
  • Homecoming Kit $500 Value!
  • Total Value Exceeds  $2,500
  • Lifetime Health Program – Next Puppy is FREE: PRICELESS!
  • 12-Month Congenital/Hereditary Warranty (coverage up to 100% of puppy’s price) PRICELESS!
  • 14-Day Viral Warranty (coverage up to 100% of puppy’s price) PRICELESS!
  • 100% Return/Exchange Policy on ALL PUPPIES PRICELESS!

Our Consulting Veterinarians

Petland Oklahoma City

May Ave Animal Hospital

Phone: (405) 843-5572

Petland Tulsa

Tulsa General Veterinary Hospital

Phone: (918) 806-1111

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